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Personalized Wedding Bubbles by Sweetly Wrapped Occasions
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Personalized Bubble Favors for Weddings - Wedding Bubble Favors

A young girl sits on the grass while she blows soap bubbles

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first bottle of bubble solution? How about when you and your friends competed to see who could blow the biggest bubble? How sweet those childhood memories are!

Now that you're all grown up and getting married, the fun doesn't have to stop with your childhood memories.

Starting at $45.00 per box of 24 personalized wedding bubbles favors you and your spouse can walk again down memory lane.

  • Over 25 differently designed wedding bubble labels for you to choose from, including florals, wedding rings, and simple backgrounds.
  • Design your OWN label. You can spell out your exact personalization, line for line in the "custom text" box on the order form below.
  • Choose black or white ribbon to adorn your wedding bubble bottles.

Upon exiting the church or wedding chapel doors, imagine that each blown bubble symbolizes you and your spouse reaching new heights together.

Choosing to blow bubbles can be for a more personal reason. You may want people to blow bubbles at the same time during a very special moment, symbolizing your loved ones who are looking down on you from a higher place.

Whatever the reason for your choosing personalized wedding bubbles, you'll be delighted when you open the box and see your names on these magical little bottles that holds pieces from your past and to your future. Get ready to make a wish upon a bubble!

A personalized wedding bubble favor bottle on a bed of rose petals

About Our Personalized Wedding Bubble Favors

Offering a complete hand-assembled, personalized bubble favors for weddings, bridal showers, and anniversaries.

These bubble favors come in a solution filled .6-oz. translucent bubble bottle or white bottle, if translucent bottles are out of stock.

Pick from over twenty-five personalized wedding bubble label designs.

Accent your personalized wedding bubble favors with your color choice of trimmed sheer organza ribbon.

Your personalized wedding bubbles are shipped to you dressed for the occasion!

A newlywed couple walks through floating bubbles, greeted by family and friends on their wedding day

Imagine. . . you and your new spouse walking beneath a canopy of floating bubbles.

See. . . the pleasant look on your guests faces when they see the reception tables adorned with your decorated and personalized wedding bubbles.

Hear. . . the children close by laughing and running around blowing bubbles. Remember those childhood memories?

Common Questions About Personalized Bubble Wedding Favors

Can I order wedding bubble labels only? Yes.

How much of my wedding bubble label can I change? You can change pretty much all of the text. The designs showing are samples. If you're doing a complete custom label on one of our bubble backgrounds, please specify in the "custom text" box, line for line, how you want your label to be personalized.

How long will it take for you to processing my order for personalized wedding bubbles? A minimum of 2 to 3 weeks is needed to process your order after you have approved your design proof. This does not include shipping time, which is an additional 3 to 5 business days. Rush processing is not available for this product.

How will my label look if I add my photo? If the design that you want to add your photo to isn't displayed with a photo, the label will need to be redesigned to accommodate the photo. In this case, only your names and wedding date can be added, so that your photo on the label is sized properly. You will receive a proof to see how it looks before the labels are printed.

Click on image to enlarge your personalized bubble favors label design:
Personalized Yellow Floral Bubbles 001
Bubbles 001 - Wedding
Personalized Wine Elegance Bubbles 002
Bubbles 003 - Wedding
Personalized Car of Hearts Bubbles 003
Bubbles 004 - Wedding
Personalized Boxed Ring Bubbles 005
Bubbles 005 - Bridal Shower
Personalized Pink Floral Bubbles
Bubbles 006 - Engagement
Personalized Purple Floral Wedding Bubbles 007
Bubbles 007 - Wedding
Personalized Black and White Wedding Bubbles 008
Bubbles 008 - Wedding
Personalized Red Rose Wedding Bubbles 009
Bubbles 009 - Wedding
Anniversary Rose Bubbles 011
Bubbles 010 - Wedding
Anniversary Rose Bubbles 011
Bubbles 011 - Anniversary
Personalized Heart on White Background Wedding Bubbles 012
Bubbles 012 - Wedding
Personalized Sheer Floral Wedding Bubbles 013
Bubbles 013 - Wedding
Personalized Pink Floral on Pink Background Wedding Bubbles 014
Bubbles 014 - Wedding
Personalized Pillow Pearls Wedding Bubbles 015
Bubbles 015 - Wedding
Personalized Nature's Floral Pink Wedding Bubbles 016
Bubbles 016 - Wedding
Personalized Marveled Pink Wedding Bubbles 017
Bubbles 017 - Wedding
Personalized Heavenly Roses Anniversary Bubbles 018
Bubbles 018 - Anniversary
Personalized Gold Favor Box Wedding Bubbles 019
Bubbles 019 - Wedding
Personalized Red and White Rose Wedding Bubbles 020
Bubbles 020 - Wedding
Personalized Spring Floral Bridal Shower Wedding Bubbles 021
Bubbles 021 - Bridal Shower
Personalized Heart Shaped Ring Pillow Wedding Bubbles 022
Bubbles 022 - Wedding
Personalized Red Rose with Floral Wedding Bubbles 023
Bubbles 023 - Wedding
Personalized Cake Knives Wedding Bubbles 024
Bubbles 024 - Wedding
Personalized Yellow Rose Bloom Wedding Bubbles 025
Bubbles 025 - Wedding
Something Blue Wedding Bubbles 026
Bubbles 026 - Wedding
Personalized Dessert Delight Wedding Bubbles 027
Bubbles 027 - Wedding
Personalized Musical Rose Wedding Bubbles 028
Bubbles 028 - Wedding
Personalized Pink Carnation Bridal Shower Wedding Bubbles 029
Bubbles 029 - Bridal Shower
Personalized Red Rose Bloom Wedding Bubbles 030
Bubbles 030 - Wedding
Personalized Groom and Bride Wedding Bubbles 034
Bubbles 034af - Wedding
Personalized African American Groom and Bride Wedding Bubbles 034af
Bubbles 034cau - Wedding
Personalized Stemmed Red Rose Wedding Bubbles 035
Bubbles 035 - Wedding
Personalized Ring in Champagne Glass Wedding Anniversary Bubbles 036
Bubbles 036 - Anniversary

Wedding Bubbles Favors Order Form
Design No.:
Names:ex: Todd & Alicia O'Brien
Custom Text (If any, please explain in detail):
Email My Proof:
Add My Photo: Add $10.00
Box Qty:  

Have Questions? Need Help?

We would be glad to help you; simply Contact Us via the online form with your questions about personalized wedding bubbles favors. All questions are answered within 24 business hours. Be sure to visit often to see what's new. Your suggested creative ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

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