Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Translucent bubble bottle wedding favors with personalized pink labelsIn ancient times, the bride and groom were showered with rice as they exited the nuptial ceremony. This symbolic gesture was intended to bless the couple with abundance. This blessing has continued through the ages with many variations. Now days, many couples who want to keep with tradition while offering a more whimsical approach choose personalized wedding bubbles.

Instead of using bird seed, rice, or other grains, wedding bubbles provides an abundance of shimmery and chic bubbles. Imagine walking through a shower of bubbles, reminding you of walking past your fond childhood memories into a new world of wonder and love with your special someone!

A bubble shower brings sparkle and light to your wedding photos too. Capture a rainbow of colors, and splashes of laughter as everyone enjoys blowing bubbles. These moments captured in film will be cherished for years to come!

Choose from 25 different personalized wedding bubble labels to be placed on translucent bottles, adorned with black or white ribbons. We even offer a photo option for your bubbles. These bottles make a wonderful keepsake for kids of all ages. Not to mention it will keep the little children at the reception busy for hours to come. You may even want to buy extra just for that purpose!